Important Info regarding this year and the World Series


 Dear Alumni and New members

 Greetings! Hope this finds you all well. What a last 18 months it has been! Now that we are a little better situated with those pesky issues involving Covid 19, there is much too discuss and this hopefully will provide sufficient info.

 First, and as most of you are aware, this years (2021) Regional and World Series Tournaments have been limited to only the Little League division for both baseball and softball. All other regionals and world series have been cancelled. Moreover, these tournaments have been limited to U.S. teams only, a decision made by Little League International some several months ago. In addition, International also made the decision to limit seating in the stadiums to “player families” only. And as of this writing, it has not changed. We expect to hear from International regarding the seating soon, although we have no idea how they will in fact decide to proceed.

 The Executive board met on May 16, 2021 and with a quorum present, the following matters were discussed and voted upon.

  • Based on the limited seating in the stadiums and State of Pennsylvania mandated restrictions (since lifted), it was felt that opening up the Hospitality Room would not make any sense, either financially or practically with the probability of so many staying away this year. Unfortunately, the Board voted NOT to open the hospitality room for this World Series. Umpires working the series will still receive their plaques as always.
  • Also, the Board voted not to have a General Membership meeting this year, based on the above concern of the lack of members coming to the series this year. The Executive Board will attempt to have an online meeting sometime in September. Any news from that meeting will be posted accordingly.
  • Elections: The board also voted to continue with all current board members in place for one more year, ending as normal October 31, 2022. This will bring the elections back into sync with and avoid having to amend the by-laws. Elections next year will be busy as we have lost two board members to resignation. Jack Ruscoe resigned over the spring from his At Large position and Chuck Stimpson resigned at this board meeting from both his positions as Chairman of both the Membership and Hospitality committees. PLEASE CONSIDER ANY ONE OF THESE THREE POSITIONS! We need new blood with ideas to help us maintain this proud and wonderful position. Anyone interested please contact us.  Both the chair positions should not be left unfilled and I have volunteered to take over the membership position until someone comes forward.
  • Genetti Hotel: Many of you know we have made our home at the Genetti for many years. However, a couple years ago, the Genetti’s management services were taken over by an outside hotel chain. Since their take over, we have experienced less than ideal service along with some not so subtle hints. The board discussed and has authorized the hospitality committee to look into alternatives to include the hotel where the umpires are housed. NOTE: As of this writing one of our members has indicated that the owner of the Genetti has reconfirmed that we still have a home. While this has not been verified, it certainly is hopeful.

Yours in Umpiring

Paul E. Bernor